Are Simply , Pants.
Person 1: what do you think of oasis man?
Person 2: Pants.
by iamtheressurection August 31, 2009
One of the most widely known Beatles cover bands
Ted-"Did you hear the new Oasis album?"
Aaron-"Well, I've listened to the Beatles before, so yeah"
by LiamNeesonIstheBestLiam January 26, 2010
1 - The former best band in the world. See (What's the Story?) Morning Glory. Now reduced to putting out amazing albums instead of ledgedary ones.
2 - The Gallagher Brothers and 3 other guys.
"We've only got half a dozen good bands in England, there's Oasis and there's five Oasis tribute bands.
-Noel Gallagher
by Drew Steele September 21, 2003
They are cooler than dorks like Radiohead who sing about global warming. To cool to sing about how they hate their parents and how their lives suck. Uplifting music that makes you glad to be alive, their songs just like the Beatles will be contemporary forever. BEST BAND EVER! Stay Mad fer it!
If you don't like Oasis, I don't really care.
NOT the Beatles.

Did some fine things back in the '90's, though. "Cast No Shadow" is pretty good.
"And by the way, could we stop with the Hussein-Hitler analogies? Saddam Hussein is Hitler like Oasis was the Beatles. Everyone rushes into a comparison with the giants in the industry, be it pure evil or the music business - not that those are two different things." -- Bill Maher
by skyblack November 26, 2004
A piece of shit band that has made money from copying beatles songs and performing them in a manchunian accent. Although, they will never be as good as the beatles (or any other band for that matter,except simple plan) because their songs are so samey that you could be forgiven for thinking that all their songs are just one huge mess of one song released in small clips.
"I like this oasis song, 50 minutes is a bit long for one song though."
"nah, thats the album mate"
"what kind of shit band puts one song on an album?"
by Benjinho December 21, 2006
Often used in Australia for:
1- a Liam or Noel look alike.
2- a fan of Brit-pop (Brittish modern day rock music.
Who does that guy think he is, Oasis.
by Dave August 25, 2003

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