Quite possibly the most overrated band in history. People claim they were relevant during the 90s, but even then they weren't. Blur were the defining Britpop band for the first half of the 90s, and then Radiohead killed Britpop and became the defining band of the second half of the 90s. During the 00s Oasis merely become a parody of themselves, trying to rehash their overrated songs of the 90s to no avail.

Fundamentally, Oasis had no originality during their entire career, could never evolve and just copied other bands material (i.e. The Beatles) as they didn't have the talent to write or compose any good songs on their own.

Truthfully, the only reason they were popular was because of the large size of the working class. The working class saw the Gallagher brothers as idols, because they began in the working class before becoming rich, and inherently the Gallaghers had no actual talent like the rest of the working class. Therefore, the large working class supported Oasis in droves, and then worshipped them for managing to get so big, despite having no talent. It gave the working class hope that even they, despite having no talent, might someday leave their job working as a janitor, cleaning toilets or emptying dustbins, and become wealthy and famous.
No band is more overrated than Oasis and thank goodness they split up. Now they can stop creating crap music.
by Ivalice-Alliance November 08, 2009
An Alternative Rock/Britpop band active from 1991 to 2009, fronted by brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher. Hit the big time in 1995 with the album "(What's the Story) Morning glory" and the song "Wonderwall". Other good songs include "Supersonic", "Champagne Supernova", and "The Shock of the lightning". Sadly, brotherly love wasn't always present in the band, and the last few years became less about music and more about Liam and Noel trying to one up each other (though their last album, 2008's "Dig out your soul" was pretty good), which lead to the band's breakup in Fall 2009. Noel started his own project while the other members and Liam started the band Beady Eye.
Oasis was a good band. It's too bad Liam and Noel couldn't work out their differences too well.
by Gaaraofthedamned November 30, 2011
where one gets their money from
hes' got a trust fund, he can tap that oasis and buy all the pie he can fuck or eat! -i've got hustlers a-hustle tryin' to tap my oasis!
by michael foolsley November 23, 2009
Best fookin' band out there! Made up of two very ape like brothers and some other guys, Noel is one of, if not THE best song writer alive and Liams vocals...well they're ace. And they have personallity. Sure, the brothers are twats, but BRILLIANT twats.
Go buy Definately Maybe or (Whats the story) Morning Glory? Let the music do the talkin'.
by Canny December 06, 2003
A talentless Beatles rip off band headed by the two biggest twats this side David Cameron and Nick Clegg.
oasis are terrible
by aml101 March 20, 2011
When a woman shaves most of the hair in around her vagina, leaving only a small patch of hair directly around the lips. An oasis, in a desert.
I told her "Desert or Oasis". I don't like getting lost in a jungle when I go on the safari.
by JBtheMountie August 02, 2008
The act of unrolling a whole roll of toilet paper into a toilet to create an object resembling a mound, followed by defecating on top of the mound. Usually not followed by flushing, but left for the person who next uses the restroom.
Person: I just left a nice oasis in that bathroom for whoever comes in next!
by BB984n May 21, 2007
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