an area of the desert where there is water, where trees and other animals live
There is an oasis on the horizion
by madvillin March 07, 2005
Our generation's version of the beatles. And they fuckin rock.
Dude, Oasis is the fuckin shit. They piss on all other current bands cept for Travis. If yer cool, I can call you Oasis.

Wrote the brilliant song... Slide Away.
by Slide Away June 22, 2004
Oasis is like an orgasm for your ears. Unarguably one of the greatest bands of all time.
Every one of Oasis's many songs is a perfect example of how awesome they are...
by Lord Cohliani January 24, 2010
One of the most amazing bands of all time, even excluding classics such as Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger and Champagne Supernova. Has the best debut album ever in Definitely Maybe. This band also undisputedly has the best B-side collection of any band, ever, at any time. Publicized in "battle of Britpop" with the band Blur. The Gallagher Bros. have been known to cause quite a stir in public, causing some controversy in people who have no sense of humour. Most people however find them entertaining. Disregarding all of this, it does not change the amazingly catchy tunes Noel has churned out over the years, such as: Cloudburst, Strange Things, Sad Song, Step Out, and I Will Believe. And all of these songs listed are from their B-sides collection, not even delving into their main stuff.
Idiot: I think Blur is better than Oasis.
Me: If you think that "girls who like boys who like girls who like boys" is better than "maybe i just don't believe, maybe you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see, you and I are gonna Live Forever" then you are retarded.
Idiot: Ok but Oasis had some pretty half assed tunes with poor lyrics too.
Me: You mean like Digsy's Dinner or Bonehead's Bank Holiday? Those are some of the catchiest pieces of music ever.
Idiot: But Noel insulted Phil Collins!
Me: Didn't he divorce his wife by fax?
Idiot: Yeah but...ok, point taken.
by shoes22 August 01, 2007
The best band of all time. All original members bar the Gallaghers have left, but oh well.
'Supersonic' is the best song ever written.
by dudeman February 21, 2004
A beautiful drink. It's a non carbonated drink and is a product of The Coca Cola Company. Always on shelves around UK. Mostly seen as an alternative to water.
Cool person:Lunch break. Let's go down to Tesco and get some Oasis.
Nerd: Wha?
Cool person: Its an awesome drink, you tard.
Nerd: Im gettin some water.
Cool person: What the fuck? You need to be killed. Water is shit up to Oasis.
by paedoproof February 05, 2010
a liquor store
the oasis was trashed before I could even buy something.
by The Return of Light Joker November 22, 2011

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