One of the most amazing bands of all time, even excluding classics such as Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger and Champagne Supernova. Has the best debut album ever in Definitely Maybe. This band also undisputedly has the best B-side collection of any band, ever, at any time. Publicized in "battle of Britpop" with the band Blur. The Gallagher Bros. have been known to cause quite a stir in public, causing some controversy in people who have no sense of humour. Most people however find them entertaining. Disregarding all of this, it does not change the amazingly catchy tunes Noel has churned out over the years, such as: Cloudburst, Strange Things, Sad Song, Step Out, and I Will Believe. And all of these songs listed are from their B-sides collection, not even delving into their main stuff.
Idiot: I think Blur is better than Oasis.
Me: If you think that "girls who like boys who like girls who like boys" is better than "maybe i just don't believe, maybe you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see, you and I are gonna Live Forever" then you are retarded.
Idiot: Ok but Oasis had some pretty half assed tunes with poor lyrics too.
Me: You mean like Digsy's Dinner or Bonehead's Bank Holiday? Those are some of the catchiest pieces of music ever.
Idiot: But Noel insulted Phil Collins!
Me: Didn't he divorce his wife by fax?
Idiot: Yeah but...ok, point taken.
by shoes22 August 01, 2007
Top Definition
A Rock band resposible for a musical revolution in Britain during the mid 90's. One of Only a few bands in the world who write amazings rock songs and are still producing top albums 10 years later. All those of you who go on about their antics in the media are completely missing the point. They are legends
They practiced every day and every night on thier music when they were first starting out to make sure they were the best, thats a sign of people who care about their music
by Edge December 12, 2003
Finally a good band for our generation.
We need more bands like oasis, and less like Shit Charlotte
by Mam August 29, 2004
The greatest ever band,they are british and started the indie revelotion,they are absolutly nothing to do with beatles,nor are they a tribute to them they write theyre own music which is unforgetable every time although they do look like shit their music is outstanding.i recomend you download some of there songs,theyre nice blokes as well.
there best song was 'champagne supernova'
oasis sings:whats the story morning glory,champagne supernoa,electronic,dont look back in anger,liyla,supersonic,wonderwall and many more.
by sillouette April 10, 2006
One of the best bands to come out ince the beatles (which is the best band ever) They released legendary songs on their 1995 album "(whats the story morning glory?" They were Wonderall, Champagne Supernova, and Dont look back in anger. Unfortunatly, those songs are all they ever were really popular for. People need to know that every cd theyve made is incredible and they have great stuff besides those 3 songs (not that they are bad) CHECK THEM OUT IF U LIKE SOME GOOD OLD RUCK AND RULL
Bill-Hey you know that band Oasis?
Joe- Yeah they did that song Wonderwall right?
Bill -is that the only one youve heard?
Joe- Yeah why?
by scooder March 13, 2006
One of the best bands ever! They piss all over the shitty music scene these days!! Fuckin shity Busted, Blazin Gimp Squad etc etc... Superb live gigs, stunning vocals from Liam, and amazing songwriting from Noel!! Live forever Oasis!!!

PS: Make thier new album number 1!! Where it feckin belongs!!
Stevie: Oh man, how good are Oasis?
Mickey: Yer I like them...They're not bad
Stevie: I went to see them at Finsbury Park
Mickey: Yer? Were they good?
Stevie: Yer they were fuckin class!!
Mickey: Really? Well im off to get some Glasto tickets for Fiday night when Oasis are on!!
drug abusing heroes who make brilliant music
oasis, fuckin ace
by joe September 12, 2003
The greatest band to come into this world in the last two decades. They've been rocking the world for more than 15 years, and is already a legendary band.
"We're still the most important band in the planet, and we'll be the most important band in the planet, until I say so" - Liam Gallagher

Oasis is the greatest band in the world today...
by Fucking Hell November 14, 2006

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