1. A place to go to die- see be killed
2. Home of the raiders (football) and the riders (police), both closely associated with illeagal activity, drug use, and rioting.
3. If there was there, it would be dead. and so would Gurtrude Stein.
"You don't know me bitch I'm from Oaktown!"

"I was skateboarding in Berkeley when these 2nd graders from Oaktown jumped me for my board"
-unknown Southern Californian attending UC Berkeley
by Ghetto Scholar February 08, 2005
A term used by elite rowers from Oakland. rowers hott
Where you from? - Oak-Town
by Sandhya/Julie July 17, 2006
Sometimes used by the "riff-raff" of Oakham, Rutland in UK to refer to Oakham.
Such and such a person might refer to the Oaktown gangs.
by Johnboii34567 April 04, 2010
Oakland, Cali., a city in the East Bay where the most important procedure when driving through the ghetto is to lock your door and roll up the windows at all times. If you do not comply with this procedure, you will very likely get jacked, shot, burned, or all three.
We're in Oaktown. Quick, put your money and weed up your ass.
by T Hizzle April 07, 2005
Oakland Gyros Restaurant
Last night we were hammered and chanted "Lamb Shank" at Oak-Town.
by JJO April 04, 2005
Slang term, for Oak Harbor washington.
Hey dawg, where you at? iam in mt vernon heading to Oak-Town.
by Will Witmer March 11, 2006
Oakland, California. In the poor parts there are shootings & drug deals. But don't think it's all like that, "oaktown" refers to the bad part of Oakland.
Jill:"I"m headed out to Oaktown tonight."
Frank:"Be careful...it can be dangerous over in the ghetto."
by chickie1046 July 18, 2005

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