a overly rich school in a prissy ass westlake community. just north of los angeles
while they may seem to have uniforms and class bc they are a private, "christian" school, its basically an excuse to wear your skirt shorter than you would wear shorts, and look like britney spears in "hit me baby one more time"
---- no we are not turned on by your christian school sluttiness.

the guys in this school are generally attractive, but they are mostly dicks and become only bigger douches and potheads as they progress through their years at oaks...

the girls... are SLUTS and the biggest bitches you will ever meet. everyone in the class of 2009 had an std bc they all have giant orgies and fuck each other every day. watch out for the random asian sluts too....

also girls are required to wear juicy socks with ugg boots every day of their lives, even when it is 100 degrees outside, which is quite often in the beautiful suburb of thousand oaks

everyone pretty much plays football or soccer... or you are not accepted or "cool" this also means that everyone is recruited from countries in africa or other states in the us/ and most of the football players are on steroids and will go on to join usc football just like all the other kids that cant get into college for intelligence.

most of the students slack off and get lucky bc their school is so perfect, meaning mediocre students get into the ivys and and shit like that just bc they have fathers that donate librarys to the college .

they claim that they are helping the world by going on missions trips in the name of jesus to places such as africa, asia, and south america, but these trips are created solely to allow the students to get shitfaced on every continent with all of their school friends.

basically oaks christian is everything you hate

this school has been home to the children of famous people... no one has actually become famous at the school

for example... will smiths.... son
wayne gretskys........ son
joe montanas.........son

oh and home of jimmy clausen. the quarterback of notre dame, who got held back in high school just so he could be amazing at football....
(in the middle of sex)

boy- wait... do you go to oaks christian high school?

girl- no why

boy-ok good

(continue having sex)
by meow1233218764378648313 August 23, 2009
The school where my friend J.R. goes. It is awesome.
J.R. goes to Oaks Christian High School. He helps it to maintain its awesomeness.
by theSandinator June 20, 2010

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