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City in Tennessee responsible for the atom bomb in WWII. Home to one of the top football teams in the state.
Man, those Oak Ridge boys are awesome at football.
by Faiz Ally April 14, 2005
A back woods party town full of undeserving men and toothless women. Only 7 decent people can exist in this town at any given moment. Oakridge has the best swimming in the world.
I ain't THAT Oakridge... I just love to swim.
by karma.... May 15, 2009
Neighborhood in southeast Orlando FL. In the heart of Orange County...

Sometimes also associated with Sand Lake area....
Person 1-"Whats good bruh?....Where you from"?....

Person 2-"Im from Oak Ridge!"

Person 3-"Oh you from Da Ridge?"

Person 4-"Yessir...Da Jungle"
by FreshNFly February 08, 2008