Mexican MSN users use "o0o" as kinda giving you the finger
o0o :P o0o hey man.
by Joselo^^ January 12, 2006
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used insted of oooh
retardonaim:i finaly got a mcjob
by mack daddy george May 01, 2003
Computer shorthand for a dick, signified by two balls and one shaft.

Most commonly used by asians.
"lick a o0o, you fucking n00b"

"o0o. I like penis."
by Skullthuggery August 07, 2006
that gay thing casey puts for a answer for ooooh
george:hey im goin to woodward week 13
casey:o0o im happy for you *hugs
by streetisbest July 07, 2003
A symbol for a hug, or in this case, three hugs, one slightly larger than the other two.
Jane: I'm feeling so sad, I really need three hugs, one slightly larger than the other two.
Kane: o0o
by Taradactyl May 02, 2003

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