1. A narcissist that loves everyone
2. A paradox
3. Patrick Swayze's character in "North and South"
1. "That guy is so into himself." "Yeah, but he just gave that homeless guy a car." "What an Orry."
2. "Can anyone give me an example of an orry?"
"Something that is nothing?" "Correct."
3. "Orry was a beast in that mini-series, but it took FOREVAR!"
by Massachef September 06, 2009
Top Definition
The way the Chinese say "O rly".
Student#1: My teacher is hot.
Student#2: O RRY?
by hai guyz January 25, 2006
Asian way of saying o rly? because thats just how asians say o rly?
(USA)pnube: you must have no life if your that good in a jet
(China)BmEcko: o rry?
by Bm3ck1zzl3 August 04, 2006
A gorgeous, respectful, considerate, selfless gentleman

A freckle-faced kid with eyes that could kill. Who drives you crazy just by saying a word or two. A person that has the power to make you rethink your entire life.

A guy that can light up the room. Or the world.
1. He's not only hot but he's an Orry. Best of both worlds.

2. She's set for life, she's got an Orry!
by MommaKit September 20, 2011
to be the orries. When something is fucking sick and/or amazing.

Similarly , if something is terrible or unfair it may be termed the dog orries , otherwise known as the dorries.
dude , rate these jeans?

Um yes bro ? They are the absolute orries.


so jenny said she doesnt wana have a threesome with me and her mum .

Unlucky man thats the dorries
by cutestguy April 19, 2011
A: The russian word for thief.
B: An Orry is a male who had to do atleast 5 classes over.
A: Dude, that guy just stole my bike.
That Orry!

B: He is 20 and still in the 3rth grade?
Yeah, he's an Orry
by I love Windows ... Not March 30, 2009
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