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(n) the moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse
Whitney's excitement was so intense, she had an o-ring.
by O-ring Giver December 01, 2005
6 62
A fleshy piece of skin removed from one's penis upon circumcision. Usually worn on a chain around one's neck, symbolizing coolness off the heezy fo' shizzle.
"Yo dog, dat 98,127,364 Carat o-ring is da shit fo shizzle. WERD!"
by Harvester August 19, 2003
10 80
onion rings
Steph S. and Vicki F. love O-rings.
by aunt jemima February 16, 2004
55 129
another name for the Cervix
I was Goin' so deep last nite,I think I tapped the O-Ring...
by Jay Alexander March 04, 2004
17 142