Onos - oh'noss - n. - A Greek concept of rational worry; represented by Homer's Odyssey in Athena, a Greek Goddess, and many Greek heroes in other traditional works, it is considered a positive attribute.
Romans considered "onos" a negative attribute, like Odysseus' intelligence, and it became transmuted into the less-positive "onus," or "burden."
Athena's onos was manifested in her fear of Poseidon's threat to Odysseus' homecoming.
by Misty De Meo March 20, 2004
Utilizing words that combine the syllables 'O' and 'No' to refer to a suspect of breaking up something special, bringing to the table similarities to Yoko Ono and The Beatles. Popularized by the HBO series "Flight of the Conchords" (New Zealand's 4th most popular folk parody duo).
Veronica Corningstone:
"Ron, it's the pancake breakfast. We do it every month."
"O No. Ron's ditching us again." You ought O No he would pull this.
Bret's girlfriend Coco, "Flight of the Conchords
by William Forrester III February 10, 2009
1. the online version of a face palm
2. to put your palm to your forehead in disappoinment or frustration
colleen: omg, Justin Bieber is so hot hahaha lol ;)
kylie: (ono)
by KylieRayy September 25, 2010
The abbreivation for 'over and out'. Used specifically in online chats. Used to indicate to the other person that its the end of your chat and will not respond and you are busy even if still online.Avoids in ending chats which may extend due to undesirable pings when one has to go away and other person keeps saying goodbyes,takecare,wishes and you have to reply just not tobe rude .A soft mannered way of ending chat.
x:ok g2g
y:ok byee
x:you take care talk to u later
y:bye bye
x :o n o
by joeadii March 28, 2011
Over and Out
Nice talking to you guys, have a gr8 day. o n o
by BON bon johnny August 06, 2009
"Over aNd Out"

This is used to end a conversation usually in a instant messaging situation, possibly may be used in a non-real-time communication method such as E-Mail.

This normally is the last thing one says after "bye", "cya", "pce out", etc. It's a way to stop un-ending exchaning of "Bye"(s) at the end.
Person 1: ok then, i'll see ya on monday !
Person 2: sure, and don't forget the home-work !
Person 1: yea ok bye now
Person 1: ono
Person 2: ok bye cya
Person 2: HEY what page is the homework again ?!
Person 2: HELLO ?!? You there ?!
Person 2: :S
by pashaahsj2 May 03, 2010
"Oh No". This word is used jokingly or seriousely to express distress.
"Ono I dropped my giraffe!"
by Seppuko November 11, 2002
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