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Used when something bad is about to happen, but you don't have time to finish what you were saying because it happens and you are either dead, or otherwise unable to finish what you were saying.
(Online Chat Conversation)
Trevor: Brandon! Riley snuck over to my house and has a gun! I THINK HE IS GOING TO KILL ME!
Brandon: Are you serious?
Trevor: O SHI
by Brandon Werner May 08, 2006

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compressed form of oh shit
oshi what r we goin 2 do?
by err February 20, 2005
A word use just before something bad or painful happens.
Hey guys, check this out! OSHI-
by talley September 03, 2006
When something you don't realize is about to happen. And by the time you relaize it, it's too late.

It doesn't necessarily have to be fatal, because sometimes it is used in day-to-day instances
Man opens box, sees bomb:
"O SHI-"

Student1: *catches breathe* I can't believe I made it to the bus on time!
Student2: Where's your backpack?
Student1: O SHI-

You search "Where is Chuck Norris" on Google:
"O SHI-"
by penguinat4 September 12, 2009
To get slammed with a ridiculous amount of work due to the lack of common sense displayed by your co-workers.
Phil got oshi-ed, once again, because those guys overseas decided it was better to assume it works just fine, instead of trying to fix it.
by yurapseudonym April 07, 2010
Acronym for cosplaying otaku with an unhealthy addiction to DDR.
Don't be an Oshi, get a life.
by Zack March 06, 2004