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when you take nyquil and don't get enough sleep. the result: nyquil hangover.

results are a feeling of sleepiness/grogginess. persons are usually able to overcome such a feeling by midday. as for the former part of the day, you might as well be living as a zombie.

nyquil hangovers usually fuck you over when you're too anxious for a 7am midterm and you take nyquil around 8pm the previous night but don't fall asleep until 2am. when you wake up, voila, a splendid nyquil hangover.

you feel like shit, so you drink coffee. the coffee does absolutely nothing. so you drink a rebull, the redbull does absolutely nothing. soon you can feel your heart racing from all the caffeine and b12, but you still want to sleep. these are the true side effects of a nyquil hangover
Jenny: Becky what the hell am i experiencing right now?? i feel like shit!

Becky: nigga, you popped too much nyquil, now you got dat nyquil hangover
by Redzone1 June 08, 2009
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The lingering morning aftereffects of having taken NyQuil the night before.
Bob just can't seem to get started this morning, it must be the NyQuil hangover.
by helloall0 June 02, 2008
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The awful feeling of grogginess during the morning after you've taken Nyquil
"You feeling ok man?"
"Yeah I've just got a crazy Nyquil Hangover"
"Well take it easy buddy, you look like shit"
by amarsten September 18, 2011
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