Nyo is a word, or sound effect, commonly used with cats. Other forms of "Nyo" are "Nya" and "Nyu". The main character of DiGi Charat, Dejiko, who happens to dress as a catgirl, uses "Nyo" to end all of her sentences; Her partner, Puchiko, a smaller version of a feline female chooses to end her sentences with "Nyu".
"It's the laughing ghost-Nyo!"
"Dejiko, what are you smoking-Nyu?"
by Choshojo March 27, 2005
Top Definition
An onomatopoeic word for 'meow', a cat sound. The more common form is 'nya', a less common form is 'nyu'.

'Nyo' (にょ) is also acceptable and has been popularised by Dejiko-chan (a catgirl, or nekomimi (猫耳) in the anime TV series DiGi Charat. Dejiko-chan ends almost all sentences with this suffix (see examples). Another feline character in the show, Puchiko-chan, ends most of her sentences with the suffix 'nyu'.

Is is a misconception that 'nyo' can be defined as 'urine'. The Japanese word for urine is 尿 (nyō), the vowel sound being slightly longer. This is a kanji character whereas onomatopoeic words in Japanese are usually spelled only in hiragana.

It would be akin to using the English sentence "We are buying a cat" but pretending one had said "Urine are buying a cat", simply because the words use similar pronunciation.
"Ah this voice! It's that laughing ghost-nyo!"
"No-nyo! Too much trouble-nyo!"
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by Nekomimiboy August 17, 2009
- Japanese sound for cats
- Way that Dejiko finishes most fo her phrases aat DiGiCharat
How are you doing-nyo
by PoKeSaFaRi August 03, 2004
A band/group of 5 (two girls, three guys) formed in Los Angeles, CA who sing together. Also known as Not Your Ordinary.
#not your ordinary #nyo #band #group #pop group
by mwbrittnie13 April 22, 2013
What Dejiko ends all her sentances in! :D
"The guy next door is farting -nyo."
by Navi April 01, 2003
Can mean anything. Used by Dejiko/Di Gi Charat/Chocola in the anime DiGi Charat.
"NYO!" she screamed for no real reason.
by Kodomo Charat June 18, 2004
Almost a yes, but still an answer in the negative. You really want to say 'yes', but for whatever reason you have to say 'no'.

Variants: 'nyope' and 'nyuh-uh'
Antonym: 'nyes'
"Hey, baby, let's get this new 40-inch widescreen television."
*sigh* "Nyope. Can't afford it right now, hon."

#yes #no #nope #yes-no #nyuh uh #nyes
by MatthiasFW August 09, 2008
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