Someone that is obssessed by sex.
"I'm a nympho, let's do it now!"
by Nicola February 02, 2004
A woman who wants lots of sex or sex with more than one person. Commonly used by men to describe a woman who knows more about sex than they do or wants it more than they feel like providing.
Kimberly was called a nymphomaniac by certain men only because she was knew more and was better at it then most.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
A woman with abnormal sexual desires.
Breanna Jade Squires is a Nymphomaniac.
by LOLHA! January 08, 2009
A man or a female whose desire for sex is obsessively high resulting in multiple sex per day or excessive masturbation.
Parry: Last night I masturbated 6 times.
Janice: Jeez! you're such a nymphomaniac.
by Reet Awwsum March 26, 2014
A female who's entire world revolves around sex. Not to be confused with a sex addict who cannot control their sexual escapades. The nympho can choose her partners and how far she is willing to go. It often causes problems in serious relationships. Nymphomaniacs are not whores. Some have been with many men, some with one man, and some are still virgin. Nymphoism is more a state of mind than anything else.
She is a nymphomaniac because she thinks of what she is going to do to you all day long!
by nymphogirl89 December 06, 2009
Specifically a female addicted to sex.

Cf. Satyriasis: Excessive or abnormal sexual craving in the male. (Source: Merriam-webster's online dictionary,
A woman who has nymphomania is considered to be a nymphomaniac, and therefore has abnormally high sexual urges.
by Mindraker June 13, 2006
obsession with sex; can't ever seem to get enough, and if they can't seem to get any, they obesses about wanting it so badly.
Laurel and Emily are both considered a nymphomaniac, they don't get a lot of dick but they wish they could!
by skjhfd September 01, 2007

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