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After someone eats a lot of peanuts you can always find them in almost full origional state poking out of the feces. This name comes from a brittle hard toffee sweet containing nuts made in europe called nutty slack. the name is used because they look similar in appearence
my ass was ripped to shreads when i had a shit today it looked like a bar of nutty slack!
by mike January 06, 2004

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Is a name used in UK for coal.
eeh lad, fetch us some nutty slack for t'fire.
by Charlie January 22, 2004
Someone Who Is Medicaly Insane, Mad As A Hatter, Bonkers, A Basket Case, Nut Job, Lunatic, Looney Tunes, Nutter !!!
Your Nutty Slack You Lad!!!
by Bungle and Lil Dom June 28, 2009