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Verb - To be summarized; "in a nutshell."
Well, nutshelled, that presentation is saying that smoking is bad.
by the Society to Prevent Boredom January 31, 2006
1. The feeling that you fucked a girl too fast or not enough and that you didn't get optimum pleasure out of the sex
2. Not sexing enough to achieve pleasure or being prevented from having sex
3. A condition in which someone feels that the amount that they fucked someone is not enough and that they feel they always need more sex
Aww, what? That wasn't enough!!! I've been nutshelled!!
by Harry Toba February 03, 2014
To summarize a concept, story, or really anything that takes more than a couple of sentences into a simplified and easily understandable statement that can accurately communicate the message of the concept being summarized.

Verb form of the phrase "to put it in a nutshell"
I had only five minutes to review for the exam with my friend who missed the last class so I nutshelled the material.
by 1939Supes April 25, 2013
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