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The most ass tight jeans you've ever seen on a man in your life, literally looking like they've been painted on to your legs. A stange, desperate cry is also associated with the wearing of these type of jeans, and you soon realize that it ofcourse is the aforementioned individual's balls screaming out for sweet mercy...
In the 80's, heavy metal bands like Megadeth, Metallica, and Slayer, epitomized the wearing of such items. Now stupid looking wimpy EMO assholes wear them exclusively crushing their already teeny weeny nuts. More likely than not, they have probably stolen their little sisters' jeans.

Not too be confused with HIPHUGGER jeans which women wear and which generally look awesome... Nuthugger jeans ofcourse look horrible, since most of the men who wear them have skinny, anorexic legs, so the end result is that these clowns look like overgrown stick insects...
by Gavai Dawgz August 24, 2006
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