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a shortened version of the word "nothing"
wadda you up to? Nuth.
by mike sylvester February 09, 2007
A shortened form of nothing. But adopted, at least in central australia, to also mean no one. Also replaces no as a prefix as in "Nuth-one" for no-one. Note: Everynuth is a way of expressing nuth/no very strongly.. as in do u like soulja boy? EveryNUTH!
Hey man did u buy any smokes? Nuth
Did anyone come over last night? Nuth
Who are u with? Nuth-one
by declanisromped April 20, 2008
The act of laughing at something that's supposed to be sad.
(the end of spider-man 3)

*people are all crying*

Marilyn & Natali: Ahahhaa!!
Natali: Wait, did we just nuth that?
by Natali K May 05, 2007
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