someone who does the thorazine shuffle, and talks to stuff.
that dude is a complete nutbag always hollering at the trees.
by freedav04 June 05, 2005
Top Definition
someone who is a little bit crazy, a little bit squirrelly
That dude just talked for half an hour straight about flying saucers and their connection to the tabasco sauce industry. What a nutbag!
by roger February 03, 2004
Scrotum sack.
I gotsta scratch ma nutbag.
by Phill McRacken January 12, 2003
a donut you make out of a bagel soaked in bacon grease for three days
At the 7-11 my heterosexual pals bought some frtosted 'nutbags and we chewed on them before we played some b-ball
by improvmastah August 16, 2008
a female who likes to give oral sex
that girl is a nut bag
by Maurice November 15, 2003

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