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All the options in a car or truck or whatever item that is fully loaded.
John: See you got a new car?
Fred: Yeah it's a S class MB its got all the nut ticklers.
by Philiip March 07, 2006
This is when you take a shit, and it is so long that it tickles the back of your nutsac as it comes out.
"Wow, that was one hell of a shit, it was a real nut tickler."
by Toolrulez March 21, 2009
Someone who performs the service of tickling a nutsack for 13.95 a tickle. Or for 12.95 if they are a card carrying union member. (Union Members have health care)
"Hey nut tickler you got change for a $20?"
"Will you tickle one of my nuts for half price or is the price per sack, Nut tickler?"
by A rich, rich man September 15, 2005
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