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a prostitute or whore that swallows a man's load. Made popular by a South Park episode involving the crippled Jimmy and his quest to find a prostitute to relieve his erection. Thanks Trey & Matt!!
That ho is a nut gobbler. She can't get enough of my jizz.
by Alain May 05, 2005
A.) One who places a person's testicles in his or her mouth for the soul purpose of inflicting physical and emotional pain.

B.) A South Park character.

C.) A whore who sucks big balls.

D.) Any person who has ever been called one of the following: Louis, Ben, or Joey.
Man, you're such a nutgobbler. You practically bit them off!
by Nutgobbler III May 13, 2006
Gobbles your nuts but not your penis
The NutGobbler gobbled my nuts.
by NutGobbler August 13, 2005
michael jackoson is the nut gobbler. word for word- he gobbles nuts
m.j: little boy will u sleep with me
boy- no way no how
m.j: oo darn
boy- shut up, the nut gobbler
by kevin stark May 03, 2005
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