anything you want it to be, like fuck
John your such a nussy

Get That NUSSY!

you aint hanDlin that nussy

you a nussy bitch

ima get that nussy
by Scott Barger November 09, 2008
The code name for pussy... (not a very good one)
You get any nussy last night?
by brody jenner July 14, 2008
1).A person who kisses alot of ass to get something.
2).An extremely rude person
3).A heart-breaker
1).How did he get that job?...He's a nussy, what do you expect?
2).He slapped me this afternoon, what a nussy.
3).How could he do this to me??.I loved him, hes just another nussy.
by LickMyVagina April 20, 2008
A hussy that wants to be naughty or nice
nnussyy! yo that nussy is coming with me tonight, she is a nice.
by Skeeter St.Mayday June 23, 2007
A sweet, pitiful, innocent-looking kitten face.
Oh, you are such a cute little nussy!
by David Birk December 07, 2002
vagina also: nuss
spread the nuss.
by jake b June 09, 2002
When used as a verb, it means to completely ruin something, or someone's good time. Also called "pulling a nussy".
You stopped Eric from hanging out with that chick, you really nussy'd all over that situation
by Cooper August 07, 2004
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