a mythical vagina with scrotum attached to bottom. it is commonly used to describe the private area of a more manly woman. the term comes from the combination of the words "pussy" and "nutsack"
She must have a nussy!!
by schuh69maas September 22, 2009
Noun used to describe someone who is both a noob and a pussy. Also can be used as a verb to describe completely screwing something up.
Jeff is just...just a nussy thats all there is to it.
by Andrew Marvosh February 07, 2007
The folds of skin on a neck, that resemble a vagina. Commonly found on dogs, animals with loose skin, fatties.
Yo, stop fingering my dogs nussy!

Don't go there man, her nussy is huge.
by tehfata July 25, 2012
A nuisance resources hussy in the online game Lord Of Ultima (LOU)
Ladypucket is such a stupid nussy can't she learn how to produces resources instead of stealing them.
by manspider LOU September 21, 2011
1) a big ol floppy dick
2) a bitch ass mufucka
Man that bitch was all up on my nussy last night bro
That nussy nigga talkin shit over there like he hard
by Smokelung October 26, 2007
a nicer, more classy word for pussy. Used more casually, less derogitorally.
You have a beautiful nussy.
by sara pettek April 13, 2010
Slang term for New Pussy.

When you get to have sex with a new woman.
I got some nussy last night.

I wan't a nussy.
by Absurdo July 11, 2010

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