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Healthcare professional belonging to one of the most trusted and seemingly underappreciated professions. Hospitals wouldn't run without them. If there were no nurses, many people would die. The nurse is an expert manager. Nurses have to deal with pharmacy, radiology, medicine, OR, the lab, and other nurses. Nurses put up with a lot. Nurses are smart and have to think critically. The nurse will assess your health and report changes to your doctor. The nurse will draw your labs and monitor the results. The nurse will also keep an eye on your vital signs and watch for subtle changes that may indicate a change in health status. The nurse will give you medications, know when to not give you medications, and know which medications to ask to doctor to order for you. The nurse will make sure you are safe and get better. Nurses will sit with you and really listen. They will laugh with you, cry with you, and hug you. The nurse is the ultimate patient advocate. Nurses teach their patients how to live healthier. When things start going down the drain, the nurse is usually the first to pick up on it and intervene.
"I can't breathe! Call the nurse!"
by macaronincheese August 28, 2013
20 2
A vocal cry of of exclamation feigning the need for medical assistance from a nurse following particuarly loud or loud and wet flatulance.
Nurse, Nurse! cried Fred as his friends held their noses following his loud fart!
by Caiptean August 29, 2009
5 9
The act of violating the user Spartacus on nexopia, either through undressing her with your eyes, or physically running your hands up and down her thighs.
"I nursed her so long, that she actually orgasmed"
by vv0mp December 07, 2005
32 85
A person that has undergone training the be a prostitute that serves a primarily doctor based clientele.
"I'm going to pick up a nurse for the on-call room, you want one?"
by Mr. Doctor Man March 11, 2009
30 135
1: A Filipino Male/Female, Or any Asian who wants a good job.
2: Someone who takes care of people in Hospitals or Private healthcare organizations
1: FilipinoA: Hey that Nurse who took care of me looked Familiar...
FilipinoB: Yea, My Dad said you should avoid skating for a while
2: -Watch ER...
by Kaniko August 13, 2005
38 164
An alternative for "ness"
ie. Stupidness or gayness
Sliv you are such a stupid nurse
by Fish March 21, 2003
13 163