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1. A disgusting burger which is obviously made of what is in cafeteria food, or is cafeteria food.
2. used as a random word to describe something, basically meaning absoluetly nothing, sorta just thrown onto a word.
3. Used to break an awkward silence or any silence at all, usually shouted.
4. Used to replace any curse word at any given moment, used instead as nurga burga instead of nurgle burger.
5. A pinched loaf.
1. Dude! That's one hell of a nurgle burger you got there Chris!
2. That party was all nurgle burgery.
3. "NURGLE BURGER!" Shouted Mike in the middle of the history exam.
4. "Cody is a nurga burga!" said Mike as he kicked Cody in the ass.
5. I just made a huge nurgle burger in the bathroom and I ain't flushing it.
by Bob Muffin May 20, 2006

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