A common person talked about by most bahamians usually used in a witty comment or a dis when asked a question that they dont need to know about.
person 1: Ay bey who dat was on da phone?
Person 2: Dat was nunya....
Person 1: Nunya who...?
Person 2: Nunya Business
by John Brown April 18, 2005
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"None of your"
As in "Nunya bidness."
by Stonium February 20, 2003
A response to a rude question where someone is asking for personal information they are not entitled to. Nunya is part of a burn to follow such a rude inquiry.
Question: How much did you pay for that?
Answer: Nunya
Question (perplexed): Nunya, what's that?
Answer: Nunya fucking business
by tazz_999 January 15, 2009
a short term for none of your business
girl: hey larry whatcha doin?
boy: nun ya!
by bonnie August 22, 2003
First mentioned in the Disney Channel Original Movie "Brink!" (1998), "Nunya" is a word used to express that one's business is not for sharing ("None of ya' business!").
Larry: "What did you get on your test?"
Sam (disgruntled): "Nunya"
Larry: "Huh?"

Jeff: "Hey man, what happened last night with that chick Ashley?"
Rob: "We watched The Chronicles of Nunya."
Jeff: "Huh?"
by Hologogs00 September 20, 2008
shortened version of none of your
T: wat u doun
Me: nun'ya business
by Quannia September 04, 2006
a)none of your business.
b)none of yours
Mikey: What's for dinner, woman?"

Sue: "Nunyas."

Mikey: "Say wha?"

Sue: Make your own food, lazy ass. What I'm eatin' ain' nunyas."
A short and blunt way of saying 'none of your business', it can be used in reply to any and every question possible. If a further 'pardon?' is asked, a lengthier reply of 'nunya business' can be used.
Mrs Zahir - "Darling where are you headed out at the time of the night!?"

Maddie - "Nunya"
by manishaashaa July 02, 2014

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