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An extended surface on the outside of a residential or commercial building; Usually blocked of by a railing or fence; May have roof-like or wall-like coverings for protection from the elements; Otherwise known as a deck, porch, patio, or balcony.
Do you want to go have a cigarette on the nunger? OR It's a great day out so we're going to have a cookout on the nunger today.
by kl3pp May 06, 2009
For those who aren't in the know, the technical term 'nungers' refers to a fat slunt's saggy breasts.
Belinda: "eww check out that fat bitch"
Joe: "Yeah, those nungers make me want to yak"
by stoopsample69er May 26, 2009
a person that has done something stupid
oh my god you fucking nunger
by jonny pooman March 17, 2003
Titties, esp those on a woman
She's got huge nungers
by Haydons May 17, 2005
to "nunger" is to make pelvic thrusting motions towards someone when curled up in bed.
I was so horny I nungered my woman all night.
by Urban_angel October 06, 2003