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The word the British use for faggot...
(As seen in Lock, Stock and 2 smoking barrels)

Barry: Hello my boy, fancy a lolly?

Little Chris: Piss of ya Nunce!!!
by Tom-E September 17, 2006
86 85
an insult meaning idiot
What a nunce -_-;
by rtsmarty February 15, 2004
105 55
A British slang word used for a paedophile.
From The Kevin Bishop Show:
Policeman:What have you done with Goldilocks?
Bear: Fuck it run!
Policeman:You Nunce! Get em' boys!
by g dot glitta July 25, 2009
39 38
Noun: what you say when trying to recount when an event occurred, only to realise that it never actually has. Much like once, twice or thrice, but meaning never, or zero times.
A: "How many times do I have to tell you to slow down before I kick your ass?"
B: "... Nunce."
by stepharoonie June 13, 2007
17 37
A Nun Nonce, a naughty Nun who likes little boys, oh i say i say.
i was molested by a Nunce when i was 13 at a private boarding school.
by Boris the bastard January 03, 2008
11 41