A Korean term that means older/big sister that males call a female relative or a older girl they admire or respect. It is sometimes used as a honorific or to replace a person's name.A variation on spelling is Noona.

The female version of the word is Eonnie, Unni,Eonni, Unnie, Eunni, Eunnie, or onnie.
Sang-hee nuna is so pretty. She's smart, sporty, and a beautiful voice. I wish nuna would go out with me, but I found out she doesn't date any one younger than her.
by Diviana March 26, 2010
Top Definition
Nuna is a word used by korean males to address a female older than them who they are close to.

Nuna literally means "older sister".

The female equivalent of this word is eonni.
"Wow, Yoojin nuna is so hot."
by wicked star September 24, 2007
a way to describe something that was boring or average
person 1: 'how was your weekend?'

person 2: 'nun as bro!'
by fred krueger October 30, 2011
an extremely cute cat named Joseph Morten.
Oh little nunas, come here baby boy.
by MOoshkinana November 21, 2004
Dylan Cleggetts term for a cute little kitten.
0o0o look at angel...shes such a nunaaaa!!!
by coreyb March 23, 2005
The fandom pairing of Harry Potter characters Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood.
All my friends ship nuna, but druna is my OTP
by RAVENSCORE June 30, 2016
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