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not to be confused with its more popular cousin, 'numerology', NUMBERology is the study of correlations between the NUMBERS (which are real, unlike 'numers') we see in our environment and the events that occur around the same time. common examples include golden birthdays, anagram time (eg at 10:01 am or pm bust out an anagram, just for fun), and historical coincidences (see example below).
from astrological numberology:

S: The death of this terrorist leader...the removal of corrupt leaders...the massive deaths of people from natural disasters...could this be a cleansing of the world? Where good people get to go to heaven, bad people die and the world prepares for a more peaceful existence? Could this be what 2012 theories are talking about. Death of the "old world ways"?

R: my numberological analysis agrees and suggests this is one of the omens of the dawning of the age of aquarius, the 11th sign. today is 5/01/11 and completes a 10 year cycle starting on 9/11/01. aquarius is an air sign and the WTC was an aerial attack, so today's justice also signals air mastery. the WTC LOOKED like a 11, we should rebuild BOTH TOWERS!!!
by tagonist May 01, 2011
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