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A whole variety of slang phrases which urbandictionary.com does not have a separate section for.
Try scrolling looking through phrases that begin with numbers to find anything meaningful, it'll take a while.
by Tim M. December 17, 2005
doing a lot
She be doing numbers
by whatonearth October 15, 2010
Somethings of which there are too many
Wow look at all those cows! There's numbers of them!
by AD9 March 28, 2004
A polite way to describe the act of a man and woman simultaneously performing oral sex on each other, derived from the term sixty-nine. (69)
Your mom and I are about to head out back and do some number.
by beauxbadeaux April 01, 2008
To give somebody numbers means you punch them.
Joe: My gf was giving me a hard time, so i gave her numbers.
by Kaiser March 12, 2005
male genitalia, specifically the testicles
"What are you doing to your numbers?"
"Scratching them, they're giving me an itch"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
See sometimes it helps to understand a word if you break it down, lets do that now;

NUM...see if you\'re numb you cant feel and then BER...burr is a noise people make when they\'re cold.

So a number is a person who can\'t feel that they\'re cold.
\"That guys standing in the blizzard butt naked\"

\"Damn, he\'s a number\"
by KumiRoldy April 26, 2005