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If you make number runs, you're bringing betting slips and cash wagers to where they do an illegal lottery. i pick 3 or 4 numbers and win money if they're drawn
I Tote guns, I make number runs...
-Biggie Smalls
by c0rpse December 09, 2006
This is a showdown between two or more people who think they can hook the most phone numbers from strangers. The subjects of this challenge must both start at an agreed point. They will then be given a time limit (usually 3 hours) and an end point. They must get as many numbers from there preferred gender and enter them into a separate part of there phone book. The numbers received must be from some you have never met before. You are allowed to phone in one friend but they must be the same gender ad sexuality as you. They aren't allowed to speak to the target but may help set up the pick up. When the time limit is over, the contestants must be back at the agreed end point. If they aren't they are disqualified. Then you must text all your pick ups. You get 1 point for every person who replys to you within 30 mins. You get 0.5 points or each reply within the hour. The person with the most points wins!

Of corse the are many variations of the rules, but this is the most widely used version.
Dave: I got 17 points in the number run yesterday!
Harry: no way!
by Ninjachicken3000 July 01, 2014
to go buy some joints
I tote guns, I make number runs
-Biggie Smalls
by kahda July 20, 2004
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