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when an undesirable individual takes your phone without asking and acquires your number by calling or texting themselves from your phone. Please remember that this is done without your permission. Sometimes the number rapist will call or text the victim the following day, often implying that the number was given with mutual consent.
Ew, that ugly guy totally number raped me at the game last night.
by mea2012 September 19, 2010
Grabbing a girls phone without consent, entering your number and calling yourself. In hopes of calling her later and asking her out.
You: Hey, thats a really cool phone... can I check it out.
Her: Sure, no problem
You: **grab phone, enter your number and call yourself**
You: Cool, thanks!! :)

-hey man, I just number raped that girl over there.
by SerialNumberRapist March 20, 2011

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