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1. Vaginal intercourse with an Asian prostitute, typically missionary style, in order to, if not tame the heathen, at least "soothe the savage beast" with the music of one's loins (not unlike a cricket in that regard). Named for the polite children's term differentiating the different excretory functions ("number one", as opposed to "number two").

2. An Asian whore's specialty. Either the finest delicacy in her "cuisine", or her old standby, on which she relies like a crutch for her livelihood.
That whore was twisted. She posed like a baseball catcher and signalled with one finger between her legs to indicate "number one fuckie".

That bitch wanted six dollars for number one fuckie! She's a three-dollar whore if I ever saw one. Goddamn currency manipulator.
by Nosefuckers Incorporated December 14, 2012
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