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when you jack off so much you lose all the feeling in your dick.

When having the opportunity to go balls deep you will be limp as fuck because you got numb dick.

In hodgetwin video titled " Porn can ruin your life"
"you squeezed the fuck out that bitch , your damn mushroom tip is numb as fuck, you aint gonna feel shit because your'e use to your hand man.. and you squeezing the fuck out that bitch with some lube and shit.. trust me man id dun have numb dick before man, that what you got , you got numb dick"- Hodgetwins
by twin nation August 21, 2013
a Numbdick is a perosn who speaks without the facts, or cleaverly disiques what they really mean or a jerk who hides it
sean hannity is a numbdick about obama.
by david jones19912010 March 13, 2011
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