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To be rejected, denied, shunned, blacklisted.
Google nulpted my website for not meeting its webmasters guidelines.
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The most common form of NULPT is seen on a daily basis around the world..... The infamous red circle with the line through it is the universal "DO NOT" symbol. Although any type of rejection, denial, refusal, "NO", etc.... means NULPT.

A salesman who cannot close the deal has gotten NULPT.

When you present an engagement ring to your girlfriend and she says, "No." You've just gotten NULPT there chief.

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) having your website removed for Google's index means you got NULPT.

In paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) having your Adwords ads stop showing because of a pop-up or trademark violation is another form of NULPT.

A pest controller is a 'NULPTOR' of sorts... As he might NULPT the mice or termites from a home.

When your blind date doesn't show up.... You got NULPT!

When a family member forgets your birthday.... You've been NULPT!

When a horse stops short at the hurdle in an equestrian competition.... You, jockey, have been NULPT.

When Cramer on Mad Money slams the choices in your stock portfolio.... You've been NULPT! (side note: He needs to get NULPT on his sound effects board.)

If in court and the judge denies your appeal... You have definitely been NULPT.

Being expelled from school is getting NULPT.

Setting off the metal detector at the airport is a NULPTING for sure.

Ever been excommunicated from a country? You, my friend, are NULPT.

When someone gives you a thumbs down... You're NULPT.

When rejects a word or definition, you've been NULPT baby!
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When you get an unfriended on Facebook, you've been NULPT!
by The Nulptor November 19, 2009
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