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a slang term for brass knuckles.
i was gonna fight this little white boy until he pulled out his nukks. then i just ran away.
by zach89@gunit November 19, 2005
Nukk n,ad,vb: 1. to have sex with squirrels.

Nukker: to be someone who has sex with squirrels.
Nukked: to be screwed by someone screwing a squirrel
Nukking: to be having sex with a squirrel current.
You are a nukk. Stop being a nukk.
by Finarato September 23, 2010
A term used for low-grade, if not shitty, weed.
I just bought a slizz of nukks for $30.
by RA tha Rugged Man September 08, 2006
someone who is a compleate and total retard can be a nukk on the other hand smeone who is extremly cool is also a nukk. Like billy mays!
Cool Kid#1: Sup Nukk
Cool Kid#2: Not Much Home Slice

Retard: Uh dOY doy doy errmmm ugh!
by Crazy Eddie April 19, 2005
A nukk is an insult to call people when they do not what it means. It really has no "true" meaning. It is just another insult for stupid n00bs, and retarded people.
MilkDJ: Get out of here nukk! Your kind is unwanted!
Excreator: nukk?
MilkDJ: hellz yeah! nukk = you.
by Zorlock April 18, 2005
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