A term for idiot white boys so they can pretend they are black while still remaining in denial..
"yo I'm a jackass for saying nukka!"

"Im a stupid white nukka from the suburbs who wears his hat like slim with the tilted brim!"

"Damn nukka, this is the closest I will ever come to having any rhyme or basketball skillz!"
by BlackboyT January 12, 2006
aye nukka fuck u... nukka please
by kDoG November 04, 2003
a slang term for nigger, or negro. this phrase in mainly used when confrontation of two niggers occurs.
Hey Nukka!!! You got beef? Get yo black ass over here so i can curb stomp yo ass.
by m0n3y maker October 02, 2006
eda liu. (word is used as a compliment)
HI! what it is nukka.
by eda liu = nukka April 23, 2006
A way to call a black person a nigger without them realizing it. Usually due to their limited knowledge of the english language.
Whiteman: "what's up nukka" nigger: I gotsta ax you...What's dat?
by Terrell Simmms July 07, 2006
A method of greeting used from one to another.
Whassup Nukka?
by Stephen S November 19, 2003
a white person who thinks they are black
the nukka was pretending he shot up harlem but he was really jus shooting himself
by nukka please November 04, 2003
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