A word that white boi's use instead of nigger so they dont get shot by big ass black dudes. its a white boi's way to greet his black friends
eyyy nukka, wheres the draaaank?

Nukka, immma gonna beat your fuckin ass with stick

Nukka bitch, im gonna piss on your face, then put my dick in your mouth, and yous gonna get what i givs ya.
by taylor hertz September 03, 2007
cross between nigga and sucka... Not derogatory in anyway. Used by whomever wants to use it. Just some slang.
what's up my nukka? He's my nukka from back in the day..., What cha doin nukka???
by Julie Bizzle July 05, 2007
used by illiterate white trash honkies that pretend they live in the hood when they actually live in suburban middle american. such language is ridiculous and just proves how retarded a person is
Albin: I'm a wannabe gangsta white boy that thinks by using the word "nukka" automatically makes me a badass ghetto banger. Rice out
by Slabbius May 05, 2006
a different way tah say nigga..
whuss good nukka u still ugly O' what??

west braccin nukka, where da herbz at?
by SOANE October 02, 2006
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