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Its when a baby gives such an aggresive bowal movement it leaves feces up the back and front to the base of the neck. And runs down the childs legs and leaves footprints as the child runs around screaming. After a few moments the diaper falls off and lands on the floor. When the parnts find out there is no fabric untouched and both parents have to run from the house to throw-up. Clean-up takes a hour with a carpet steamer and the smell will never leave the house or the nose.
Wife: Honey do you smell that?

Husband: Sweet Jes... I'm going to...pass out...(THUD)

Wife: OH Shit we got a nuked Diaper honey...honey???

Husband: (gasping)..I need air.

Wife: Pussy
by Ryan M. I. October 05, 2006
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