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kind bud, a.k.a. premium quality homegrown marijuana. generally sensemilla with exceptional taste and high. yummy!
those nugz are some of the best weed i've ever smoked, mang.
by john moritz August 24, 2003
70 11
1) High quality marijuana usu. grown indoors and through the use of hydroponic growing methods. Nugz are typically seedless and when harvested and trimmed have a nugget-like appearance, hence the use of nugz, for short.
Those neo-tuts I picked up last night were bone dry and are some of the best nugz I've had all month.
by Hugh Jass July 11, 2003
26 14
pl n. very strong marijuana
Man, I got these nugz for $120 a quo.
by Shaggy April 09, 2003
17 10
A half eaten beef nugget from a crappy fast food restaurant.Referred to for fat people that lack the intelligence to say nugget but nug,usually used by fat ass bitches
Do you Serve nugz?
Can i have some soup please
by Desilets07 April 21, 2008
8 12
A slang term to refer to a group of close associates. First Dubbed by Twista from the Chi.
Dem my nugz right thurr.
by Big Joe AKA that Nagger July 08, 2003
13 27
Derived from the word Nigga...Its your boys.
Cuz Yall my Nugz
by Kyle January 14, 2004
14 37