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a person with a funny face
'woahh dude she is hot!'
'dude, no she isn't shes got a nugget face!'
#nugget #face #coolio #brap #stefan
by heleniscool April 22, 2009
cute, adorable, anything small and lovable like a nugget
awe that puppy is so cute! little nugget face!
#nugget #face #adorable #lovable #cute
by manneh February 20, 2014
Any person or living thing with a face that is similar to that of a pug dog's face and(or) similar to a mongoloid's facial expression or face.

Any person that looks or smells to be disgusting but at the same time has pock marks either on their cheeks and(or) covering their face and neck.

A boy who looks constantly upset or frowning.

Who is that nugget face in the corner over there sulking by himself, oh it is actually just Josh Hartnett.

Wes Roemer

Josh Hartnett

Randy Johnson
#mongoloid #josh hartnett #wes roemer #nugget face #nugget
by Austin Gage October 16, 2007
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