The word funny- upside down, inside out, backwards, and naked.

Dude, did you catch The Office the other night?

Yeah. It was nuffy!
by melly s November 26, 2007
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A term used to describe people that are mentally retarded (or just plain stupid). Derived from the term nuff nuff.
That nuffy just cut his own hand off with a power saw.
by PJ May 27, 2004
To be, or considered, a nuffy nay a retarded.
If there was a bright center of the universe where intelligence, grace and success dwelled, Nuffy would be the individual that would be farthest from.
by Ace Jones January 16, 2009
nuffy-someone who is considered a nothing a nobody
dude that guy is a absolute nuffy
by Halesy December 11, 2008
Opposite of funny.
When your teacher tells a joke and everybody laughs but it wasn't funny. You'd say quietly to your friend "That was so nuffy"
by Shavay February 07, 2009
A typical nuffy is a guy that has a great personality and is easy on the eyes. A very loved guy when it comes to ladies. A legednd at rugby and not a bad fighjter. Total master in the bedroom - 10 inches.
Wowah!!! thats a total nuffy.

Did you see his body?
by 69=hot December 14, 2009
a male pimp: a player; someone who has a very good way with the ladies
The man across the street has a lot of kids with different women he's such a nuffy.
by St. Katie December 23, 2006
A flap of dead skin that partially peels from the upper or lower lip, looking very unattractive.
Damn, I've got a nuffy.
Urgh, your lips are covered in nuffies! Gross!
by Paul E. Newton August 14, 2006

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