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Being a pest/being annoying.
My dog Nala is being so nudgie. She must need to go for a walk or want to eat.
by VetTechJenn March 11, 2015
When underwear are too tight and one testicle pops out the side.
MAN: Hey honey how do you like my new briefs?

WIFE: Umm, sweetie I think they are a bit too small, you have a Nudgie. It looks like your underwear is blowing a bubble....
by five bored people August 24, 2012
An Online Wedgie, As Irritating As A Wedgie But With No Pain

Used On MSN When You Send The Word "Nudgie" Whilst Sending A Nudge
You have just sent a Nudge!
by 2912Clover March 12, 2006
The opposite of a wedgie in which the recipient's underwear are yanked from the front of the pants. Causing basically a male form of a painfull camel toe.
Holy shit , dude just got a nudgie so bad his assneck is bleeding.
by Marcus Wernicke November 20, 2005
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