a male that ejaculates at the slightest hint of sex.
Drake is a lame ass nudder
by Crazy Cool October 14, 2003
Top Definition
When one captures a photo of himself wearing some form of underwear, with his testicles hanging out over the top, and his penis tucked in the waistband. Sort of resembling an udder.
Matt's drunk again, did he send you the nudder too?
by bigrudy9 August 01, 2014
Naked: without garments - see also nudré.
Klaus is a naturist; he is often found nudders.
by smurray444 March 02, 2007
nudder means a naked nutter
Chloe- How were the steam rooms?
Ali- Fab, except this old naked guy came and sat on me..
Chloe- Sounds like a nudder to me!
by alisterr May 14, 2009
nudder means "absolutly nothing"

May have originated from Australia
Guy 1: See anything?

Guy 2: Na, Nudder
by Hynzie September 24, 2006
Short for teh word "another"
'Nudder of 'em KEWL shits..!
by Trophonius December 21, 2006
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