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nudder means "absolutly nothing"

May have originated from Australia
Guy 1: See anything?

Guy 2: Na, Nudder
by Hynzie September 24, 2006
Naked: without garments - see also nudré.
Klaus is a naturist; he is often found nudders.
by smurray444 March 02, 2007
nudder means a naked nutter
Chloe- How were the steam rooms?
Ali- Fab, except this old naked guy came and sat on me..
Chloe- Sounds like a nudder to me!
by alisterr May 14, 2009
Short for teh word "another"
'Nudder of 'em KEWL shits..!
by Trophonius December 21, 2006
a male that ejaculates at the slightest hint of sex.
Drake is a lame ass nudder
by Crazy Cool October 14, 2003