Backwards for dun. Often repaeated three times.
Dun Dun Dun, or in this case: Nud Nud Nud
by Luc F. March 09, 2005
Top Definition
<OmNullus> shut yer nud
<Greenman5> what's a nud?
Irc Slang for anything; 'goin for a nud' 'come over after work and we'll have a couple nuds'
by GreenMan5 April 27, 2004
Nud is essentially a synonym of "nub" or "noob" but with worse connotation. In essence, a nud is simply more of a "noob" than a normal "noob". It originated from a misspelling of "nub".
A bunch of noobs are playing Warcraft 3, and one single handedly loses the game for his entire team. He is a nud. He is living the "nudlyf".
by TheNudKing February 09, 2014
This word describes testicles. its combines two words refering to the balls. the words are nuts and nads, both terms refering to the gonads...hence the new term called nuds
ouch!! dude u just hit me in the nuds
by Gurry the Great July 28, 2009
A picture sent from a girl via text message, snapchat, etc. showing their naked body.
Short for "nude". The dropped "e" keeps it on the down low.
Ex ) Dude, she's so hot, you have to get the nuds from her.

Ex ) I just want her to send me nuds.
by FaliseTheBeast July 06, 2014
The brown, grimy bottom part of worn socks.
He wore his socks down to the nuds
by Stephanie Kundrotas April 13, 2005
1. your face (n)
2. an offensive word (n)
3. to fail (v)
4. your mom (n)
5. your life (n,adj)
6. could also be used as an adjective

P.S. This was created by the three smartest people in the universe; TK,YK,JK
1. your face is so nuddy
2. stop being such a nud.
3. omg you're embarrassing me. don't nud.
4. your mom is so ugly, she's the nuddiest nud ever
5. i feel bad for you man, your life is nuddy as heck!
6. nuddy, nuddiest, etc
7. Ew, she's such a nud. She likes Justin Bieber. EW.
by TheSmartest PersonEver July 24, 2011
spunk or giz

"here baby, let me get you a towel, you have nud on your face..."
by bwalls July 18, 2008
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