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the "nuclear option" of facebook poke wars. consists of posting a series of broken-up, quasi-threatening messages on the profile of the person you are in a facebook poke war with. the goal is to give them so many notifications that they will give up in the war.
*Posted on a facebook profile*
--i am taking the nuclear option--
--for this facebook pokewar--
--which i have, incidentally, just declared.--
-- however i have also--
--decided to take this one all the way--
--up the escalation ladder--
--right at the outset--
--because im cool like that--
-- and i have actually stockpiled a lot of nuclear weapons--
-- so now the choice is yours:--
--you can continue fighting this conflict--
--in vain--
--but just know--
--that this was merely--
--a small, initial first strike--
--a single "nuclear poke"--
--if you will...--
-- to demonstrate my escalation dominance.--
--you have been warned.--
by MyLifeIsTwilight July 30, 2010
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