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When you take a shit and then put it in some one's microwave and then start the timer
So I was rimming this fat bitch and then I started doing her up the ass. She started bleeding and was totally freaking out about it so I got pissed and went downstairs and gave her a nuclear carl: I also killed her cat.
by Bongman7 April 24, 2006
Microwaving a piece of dog shit on high for 5 minutes at a party where you don't know anyone. This REALLY stinks, especially if the dog is old or sick!

"That party was wack, So I set off a Nuclear Carl"
by CharlesVA August 05, 2006
If you find yourself at a bad party, you can set off a nuclear carl before you leave. Here is the proper way to do it:

1. Get 2 plates from their kitchen.
2. Go somewhere where you will not be seen and poop on a plate.
3. Squish the poop so it is between 2 plates.
4. Put it in the microwave.
5. Set the microwave for 0% for 5 mins then 100% for 10 mins.
6. Casually walk out the door.
I hit that party with a nuclear carl.
by spkinigiff June 24, 2007
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